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DataDay!: Designing and Assessing a Research Data Workshop for Subject Librarians

  • Andrew M. Johnson orcid logo (University of Colorado-Boulder)
  • Megan M. Bresnahan orcid logo (Tufts University)


BACKGROUND Many libraries have launched or adapted services to address the research data needs of campus faculty and students. At the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder), local demand for research data training emerged from a broader assessment of training needs for subject librarians. The findings from this assessment led to the development of a day-long workshop called DataDay! that aimed to expand and translate the skills of subject librarians into the context of research data support. DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM The DataDay! workshop incorporated hands-on exercises with expert presentations, informal discussions, and print handouts. The workshop allowed participants to gain experience with activities like working with real data sets and developing materials for outreach about research data services. Several instruments were used to assess the workshop learning outcomes, which included changes in knowledge and comfort levels related to engaging in research data support. Assessment activities also measured how well participants applied concepts taught in the workshop to novel situations. NEXT STEPS Future research data training efforts for CU-Boulder librarians will be informed by the DataDay! workshop assessment results, and this workshop may provide a model for other institutions to use to train subject librarians to adapt to new roles in support of research data. There is also a need for the lessons learned from local training efforts like DataDay! to inform the development of resources to support the broader subject librarian community as their institutions launch and grow research data services.

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Johnson, Andrew M.; Bresnahan, Megan M., 2015, “DataDay! Workshop Materials and Survey Responses”,, Harvard Dataverse.

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Published on
22 Sep 2015
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