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“You Need to Make it as Easy as Possible for Me”: Creating Scholarly Communication Reports for Liaison Librarians

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INTRODUCTION The typical trifecta of liaison librarian positions (collections, reference, and teaching) is shifting to include additional skillsets and competencies, particularly scholarly communications. While liaison librarians adapt to these changing roles, the question of how to upskill and train liaison librarians in scholarly communications is timely and still in flux. The lack of time required to improve these competencies and skills is an oft-cited challenge. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT To address the challenge of lack of time, this article describes a pilot project undertaken with the aid of a Master of Information Studies practicum student to create scholarly  communications reports for liaison librarians. These reports provide background knowledge and discipline-specific information about the scholarly communications landscape, particularly within the institutional context. The goal of the reports is to provide liaison librarians with greater contextual knowledge of their disciplines and the publishing patterns within their departments. This article will discuss the methodology behind creating these reports as well as feedback from liaison librarians on their relevance and potential use. NEXT STEPS The initial pilot was promising, however using a practicum student to create such reports may not be sustainable. Other  possibilities include holding “research report retreats” for liaison
librarians to complete their own reports with a scholarly  communications expert on hand. Additionally, institutions without a master’s program in library and information studies could consider the creation and updating of such reports as a backup project for existing fulltime or student staff.

Keywords: liaison librarians, upskilling, training, reports, practicum, scholarly communications, student workers

How to Cite: Lange, J. & Hanson, C. (2020) ““You Need to Make it as Easy as Possible for Me”: Creating Scholarly Communication Reports for Liaison Librarians”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. 8(1). doi: