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Article Deposit Services in Support of Federal Agency Public Access Requirements

  • Michael Boock (Oregon State University)
  • Hui Zhang orcid logo (Oregon State University)
  • Erin Clark (Oregon State University)


INTRODUCTION Academic libraries have experimented with a variety of services to encourage article deposit to institutional repositories, with varying degrees of success. Universities now face the challenge of meeting federal agency public access requirements. Following the White House Office of Science Technology and Policy public access directive in 2013, Oregon State University (OSU) initiated an article deposit service to help faculty meet funding agency requirements and facilitate deposit of articles to both federal agency repositories and the institutional repository. This case study describes the article deposit form developed by the library to encourage article deposits to the institutional repository and federal agency repositories, the processes and people put in place to request and deposit the articles, and the impact of the service on the number of articles deposited to federal agency repositories. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT In the two years since the article deposit service was initiated, a total of 102 articles have been deposited by the library to the PubMed Central or PAGES federal agency repositories. The inclusion of a request for faculty to indicate federal funding in the article deposit form has not resulted in increased article self deposits. Identifying and requesting National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Energy funded articles from faculty for deposit to the institutional repository and to the agency repositories has also not received substantial uptake. The majority of articles that have been deposited to federal agency repositories by the library were received after library staff reviewed bibliographies of grant funded research for compliance with public access policies. NEXT STEPS As a result, the library is now working with the university office of research to promote a service that asks faculty for a bibliography of their articles that result from NIH or DOE funding, identifies those that need to be deposited to the agency repositories, and provides a link to the library’s article deposit form for them to initiate article deposits to the institutional repository and to agency repositories.

Keywords: public access requirements, article deposit services, institutional repositories, open access policies, public access policies

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Boock, M., Zhang, H. & Clark, E., (2016) “Article Deposit Services in Support of Federal Agency Public Access Requirements”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 4, eP2147. doi:

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Published on
03 Nov 2016
Peer Reviewed