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ETDplus Toolkit [Tool Review]

  • Ian Harmon (West Virginia University)


Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) have traditionally taken the form of PDFs and ETD programs and their submission and curation procedures have been built around this format. However, graduate students are increasingly creating non-PDF files during their research, and in some cases these files are just as or more important than the PDFs that must be submitted to satisfy degree requirements. As a result, both graduate students and ETD administrators need training and resources to support the handling of a wide variety of complex digital objects. The Educopia Institute's ETDplus Toolkit provides a highly usable set of modules to address this need, openly licensed to allow for reuse and adaption to a variety of potential use cases.

Keywords: electronic theses and dissertations, data management, digital preservation, graduate students

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Harmon, I., (2021) “ETDplus Toolkit [Tool Review]”, Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 9(1), eP2411. doi:

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Published on
25 Feb 2021
Peer Reviewed