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David W. Lewis

Reviewer, Author

Dean Emeritus, IUPUI University Library

United States


JLSC Board Editorial 2021

Anne Gilliland, Rebekah Kati, Jennifer Solomon, Dave S. Ghamandi, Jill Cirasella, David Lewis and DeDe Dawson

2021-05-12 Volume 9 • Issue 1 • 2021 • General Issue

Is Scholarly Publishing Like Rock and Roll?

David W. Lewis

2020-11-09 Volume 8 • Issue 1 • 2020 • General Issue

JLSC Board Editorial 2019

Anne Gilliland, Rebekah Kati, Jennifer Solomon, Luqman Hayes, Emma Molls, Dave S Ghamandi, Camille Thomas, Maria Bonn, Will Cross, David W Lewis, Demmy Verbeke, Christine Fruin, DeDe Dawson and Danny Kingsley

2019-09-12 Volume 7 • Issue 1 • 2019 • General Issue