Past Editorial Board Members

The Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication wishes to recognize the service of those who have previously served on the journal's Editorial Board:

Deborah Barreau
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States

Pamela Bluh
University of Maryland School of Law, United States

Maria Bonn
School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois, United States

Michael Boock
Oregon State University, United States

Amy Buckland
University of Guelph, Canada

Faye Chadwell
Oregon State University, United States

Gail Clement
California Institute of Technology, United States

Mark Clemente
Case Western Reserve University, United States

William Cross
North Carolina State University, United States

Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Illinois Wesleyan University, United States

Christine Fruin
American Theological Library Association, United States

Dave Ghamandi
University of Virginia, United States

Luqman Hayes
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Adrian Ho
University of Kentucky, United States

Cynthia Hudson-Vitale
Pennsylvania State University, United States

JQ Johnson
University of Oregon, United States

Katherine Johnson
California Institute of Technology, United States

Rebecca Kennison
K|N Consultants, United States

Sue Kunda
Western Oregon University, United States

Ann Lally
University of Washington, United States

Anne Langley
University of Connecticut, United States

Shawn Martin
University of Pennsylvania, United States

Allyson Mower
University of Utah, United States

Terry Owen
University of Maryland, United States

Kristi Palmer
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, United States

Michael Priehs
Wayne State University, United States

Reggie Raju
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Paul Royster
University of Nebraska, United States

Dorothea Salo
University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

Lisa Schiff
California Digital Library, University of California, United States

Samantha Searle
Griffith University, Australia

Sarah Shreeves
University of Miami, United States

Camille Thomas
Florida State University, United States

Micah Vandegrift
Florida State University, United States

Leah Vanderjagt
University of Alberta, Canada

Demmy Verbeke
KU Leuven, Belgium

Jen Waller
University of Oklahoma, United States

Susan Wells Parham
Georgia Institute of Technology, United States

Andrew Wesolek
Vanderbilt University, United States