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Cheorun Jo

Reviewer, Author

Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Seoul National University

Korea, Republic of


Metabolomic Approach to Understand the Effect of Lairage on the Quality of Pork Loin

Dongheon Lee, Hyun Jung Lee, Ki-Chang Nam, Doo Yeon Jung, Ji Won Kim, Jong Hyun Jung, Sung-Sil Moon and Cheorun Jo

2023-12-06 Volume 7 • Issue 1 • 2023 • Article 16898 • 1-13

Comparison of Meat Quality From Hanwoo Cattle Having Yellow and White Carcass Fat

Hye-Jin Kim, Seungchul Lee, Sethukali Anand Kumar, Hoe-Yong Jung, Hak-Pil Kim, Juae Gil, Chang Wan Sun and Cheorun Jo

2023-11-23 Volume 7 • Issue 1 • 2023 • Article 16878 • 1-11