Frequently Asked Questions

Why did AMSA decide to start its own journal?

For many years, AMSA members have had to rely on a variety of publications to get their research published. There has been no single journal that encompasses all of the subject matter area of meat science. Most outlets are limited to certain species or to specific points in the production chain. Meat and Muscle Biology was conceived from the beginning as a journal that could meet the needs of all AMSA members. Its statement of scope is:

The purpose of Meat and Muscle Biology is to provide an appropriate medium for the dissemination of interdisciplinary and international knowledge on all antemortem and postmortem factors that influence the properties of meat that are marketed for human consumption. High quality, pertinent, and timely basic and applied research will be published on meat and muscle biology from domestic mammals, avians, aquaculture species, amphibians, wild capture mammals, and synthetic meat analogs. Topics can include any factors affecting meat and its use, including production, quality, composition, processing, safety, and value of edible products including muscle biology and biochemistry, human nutrition, food safety, sensory evaluation, consumer science, new or improved meat related analytical procedures, processing and sensing technologies, and marketing of meat products.

How long does it take to get an article published in MMB?

The goal of the MMB Editorial Board is to render a decision within 45 days of manuscript submission. Once an article has been accepted and the publication charges are paid, it takes approximately ten business days to complete the formatting and post the article online.

Of course, the actual time will vary based on how much editing is required. Author response time to questions and queries from the editorial staff plays a major role in the actual time to publish.

I would like to be a reviewer for MMB. How do I get involved?

We need all AMSA members with review skills to contribute their expertise as a reviewer. If you are interested in being included on the list of reviewers, contact Editor In Chief Elisabeth Lonergan at